Release Notes:  
  • Upgraded Stipulations Tracking
  • In the prior version, once stipulations or loan conditions were added, they could not be edited.
  • This new feature allows for updating, adding notes, and even ETA for borrower conditions on the fly.
  • Auto-Stip functionality is still the same.
  • Stip Request emails still work the same.
  • New Prospect Tracking Feature
  • Menu bar now has "Tracking". Simply hover and click the next to the type of prospecting (such as a call completion, mail, meeting, or lunch).
  • At the bottom of the Tracking menu, you can now view your production reports.
  • Reports in your Mortgage Contact Manager will allow you to see the prospecting you've completed along with your loan production numbers such as fundings, applications, and loan approvals.
  • Finalized user preferences.
  • Created hierarchy for eStatus Defaults:
    •  If user is a Processor or Loan Officer Assistant and a Loan Officer on the file is present, default will be the Loan Officer defaults.
    •  Next will be the any user default if they exist.
    •  Next will be the company set defaults if they exist.
    •  Next will be the system defaults.
  • Removed ID/Status and placed functionality in the dropdown below Save.
  • Removed send eStatus and placed in same dropdown.
  • Removed send Duplicate Contact and placed in same dropdown.
  • Made deleting contacts easier and placed in same dropdown.
  • Finalized using custom processes. Used same hierarchy for custom processes as eStatus defaults.
  • Continued working on user preferences.
  • In the CRM preferences, gave user customization to commonly used links as well as user name and password storage.
  • Removed static links in Resources tab.
  • Finalized eStatus default message editing for both company and user defaults.
  • Finalized eStatus notification toggles for both the user and company defaults.
  • Finalized addition, editing, and deletion of user and company Custom Processes.
  • Remaining Modifications in this project::
  • On the "Save As" option, allow custom processes to be duplicated.
  • Integrate eStatus into the Contact Manager cascading from: System, Company, Loan Officer, Assistant/Processor.
  • Integrate Custom Processes with check boxes into each Contact with same cascading order.
  • Began working on user preferences.
  • Added preferences selection to Site selection in Menu Bar.
  • Once in, users can add default messages to eStatus notifications that are automatically sent at each milestone of a loan transaction.
  • Added Process Customization for each stage of each milestone.
  • Process Customization will allow for Text and/or Links, Email Templates, Marketing Campaigns to be added at each loan milestone.
  • Process to also allow for sorting of each process in each milestone.
  • Notifications will also have the ability to be turned off and on.
  • Default notifications and eStatus will default in cascading order: MCM,Company,User.
  • Updates remaining: Save of Notify Options and eStatus Defaults, Save/Order/Deletion of each custom Process, Default Cascade.
  • Borrower Contact Manager also updated.
  • Added script to complete and avoid redundant task of adding dates and actions to Public and Private notes.
  • Updated the Advanced Mortgage Income Calculator. Updated K-1 and Ownership percentages to match Fannie/Freddie calculations.
  • Did this for Partnerships and S-Corporations income calculations.
  • Updated Contact Manager screen. Now when managing real estate agents and Loan officers, different views and data will be saved.
  • Upgraded the Status to better track value of the partnership.
  • Programmed in such a way that the original data will be reverted back if changed back to a Borrower Contact.
  • This is to protect against accidental ID/Status change from a borrower to an Agent or Loan Officer status.
  • Upgraded phone formats in all areas Contact Manager. These will now also allow for extensions now.
  • Also in the Borrower Contact Manager, the sub-processes (checkboxes and descriptions) have been eliminated for process customization on the next release.
  • Made updates to the printing and reporting features of the Advanced Mortgage Income Calculator.
  • Updated MAI (Mortgage Analysis Illustration) for more complex loan quoting/comparisons capabilities.
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